We did not expect you to be able to come back due to your time constraints.

We only had about 2 hours to wait and we had lunch and watched TV in large comfortable reclining chairs. So it was not that bad.

I would like to thank you for your hospitality and especially for the ride to the airport for Judy and myself. You really went out of your way to make our trip more enjoyable. It was also great getting to know you this trip.

We had a wonderful time and of course learned a lot of Spanish which was our main goal. You have a wonderful school the instructors are great and of course the physical space is ideal so beautiful with the gardens and all.

I have spoken with and sent pictures to my friends Glen and Kathy H. and they are definitely planning to come and stay at San Jose el Viejo and also take classes. He is a medical doctor who will also be helping out with the program Faith and Practice on one end of their stay.

Say hello to Santiago and Amber and if you get a chance to my teacher Silvia de Martinez. Being a retired teacher myself I can say without reservations that she is fantastic.

Thank you again for everything.

Dorothy G.

Hola Jorge,

Estoy le escribiendo para decir que mi experiencia a la escuela estaba maravillosa. Todo el mundo estaba muy amable a Barry y yo, como usted, Santiago, Amanda, las criadas y especialmente mi maestra, Julia.

Julia me ayudó mucho y su estilo de enseñando estaba perfecto para mi. Ella me animó a estudiar mucho y también me dio mucha tarea para reforzar que yo aprendí. Ella está una maestra excelente.

Yo voy a recomendar su escuela a algunas amigas que quieren estudiar español. También yo les diré a preguntar por Julia, porque ella está la mejor. Gracias por todo,

Diane F.


Just a message to let you know that my plan is to depart for Chichi today at 1230PM for tomorrow’s market day.

I’ve enjoyed my stay at school and the hospitality of the teachers and staff. Marta, my instructor was excellent. The casita was comfortable and I loved the beautiful gardens. As I told you before, it is a real oasis in Antigua. Antigua I’ve found to be a very special place.

I have two more weeks in Guatemala and should be in Antigua a couple more times – certainly to spend my last night. I hope to see you before I leave the country.

Best regards,

Ken S.


Greetings, I wanted to let you know that Olivia and I arrived home from Guatemala safely, and wanted to thank you for all of your help in connecting us with our ride to San Lucas Toliman. It was so kind of you to do all of that for us. I will always remember the sight of you walking towards us on the square.

Again thank you. And also to let you know how much we enjoyed our experience at your school. It was so wonderful. We are trying to figure out how to come visit again soon and we will recommend it to all our friends.

Thank you!



I just wanted to tell you how much Larry and enjoyed taking Spanish lessons at San Jose el Viejo. You were right–the “castle room” was an elegant place to stay. Our teachers were exceptional, the grounds were beautiful and relaxing for study. And of course, the tennis court was wonderful. (I had trouble getting used to the humidity it made the balls heavier!)

Our experience was delightful–we are recommending your school to our partners and friends.


June N.


I just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful week at Escuela San Jose el Viejo. I really enjoyed the class and the accommodations, and everything else that was facilitated through the school, like the the hike to Volcan de Pacaya and the field trip to Azotea. Hugo Grave, my maestro, was great. We had interesting conversations … I learned a lot about Guatemala…and also realized that I knew more Spanish than I thought I did! It was a very memorable experience.

I’m hoping to return in the next few months and bring my husband with me this time for classes and to spend more time in Guatemala and see more of the country. I’ll be in touch when we begin making our plans.

Thank you again!

Gwen M.

Hola, Jorge,

Muchas gracias for a wonderful week at San Jose el Viejo… the accommodations (Santiago, Amber, housekeeping, grounds keeping, the school (teachers and environment) are all terrific. We may well decide to return as I know many others do – we will surely recommend this school to friends and family.

I am sorry not to connect with you more often… I think Gwen M. saw more of you than I did, but I surely appreciate your help with the many logistics and my many questions prior to our arrival.

Thank you!

Roz S.

Hello Jorge,

I just wanted to give you some quick feedback on my stay at your school. The property is beautiful and I really feel like immersion schools is the way to go to get better with the language. Marvin Barrera was my instructor there and if he hasn’t been acknowledged lately, he should be. He is a great teacher. He was patient with me, very positive in his teaching skills and very tuned in and present. I can tell he has done this for awhile so I feel very lucky to have gotten him as my instructor.

Thank you for assigning me to Marvin and thank you for picking me up at the airport, I enjoyed our conversation along the way. I would have liked to have stayed longer.


Heidi L.

Dear Jorge,

I have been back for 2 weeks now. I just wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful school. I loved every minute of it and was sad that I couldn’t stay another week. My teacher was Gladys and she was a delight. I hope to return soon. Again, thank you so very much.

Stephanie K.


Many, many thanks to you and your staff for locating and returning my traveller’s checks. They arrived this past Wednesday.
Thanks again for your assistance.

All our best to you and everyone at La Escuela San Jose el Viejo.

Colleen L.


On the theory that you mostly hear about the problems, Andy and I wanted to let you know how highly we regard the work that our teachers did, Gladys and Silvia, in helping us learn Spanish. They are both skilled, professional, intelligent women, and they made the learning so interesting and worthwhile. Both were/are informed about history, politics, Guatemala, etc and we learned so much in our conversations with them. We had a wonderful time there, and the hours went by so fast.

Our friends Sari and Ethan F. had a great time at the school as well. We were happy to make the suggestion, and happier still that they were such satisfied customers.

One question, Andy has something he wants to mail to Gladys. (It’s a DVD) Is the school mailing address the best way to go or is the address in Florida better? I wasn’t sure if there is regular traffic between your Florida office and Antigua. If the Florida office is the correct address, would you please send that to me again?

Thanks again for the wonderful school experience.

Best wishes,


Hola Jorge – Just want to say again what a fabulous experience I had at San Jose el Viejo! The personal warmth and the competence and personality of my profesora, Flori, were just wonderful. I will return at some point.

Please let me know how I can email the school directly to express my gratitude.

And, once again, thanks to you for all your assistance. Take care and have a wonderful summer.



Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. this is truly an amazing school and i just love it!! your staff is great and very professional…. keep up the good work.



Dear Jorge:

I’m so glad I got to meet you. Gracias por todo!

I arrived home to receive the telephone message about the airport pick-up. Although it wasn’t Roberto, my driver Luis, from the agency Sky was outstanding. Before I could look for Roberto I saw my name on the sign. Luis had positioned himself front and center.

I couldn’t have missed him. He was nice and professional. It was the start of what was a very enjoyable week.

Your prompt response to my emails was an accurate indication of the thoroughness and professionalism of the school. Santiago was on top of everything. Being able to stay in our rooms until 5:30 was so helpful and the provision of coffee a welcome surprise.

Thank you so very much! I hope to return soon and often.

Kindest regards,

Linda J.

Dear Jorge and Staff,

We wish to commend you on your excellent language school in which we participated a few weeks ago.

The instructors (Rebecca, Mirna, Bittia, Florrie, and Gloria) were excellent and patient in helping us improve our knowledge of the Spanish language. (Especially since Marianne was such a rank beginner!)

The school was well administered by Santiago. We appreciated his help in arranging our transportation to and from the airport as well as other arrangements. And we do not forget Amber who was also very helpful.

We hope very much to return to Antigua next year to continue our Spanish instructions. We will most certainly recommend your school and facility to our friends who have similar interests.

Thank you to you and your staff for making our experience in Guatemala so enriching, pleasant and wonderful.


Leo & Marianne

Dear Jorge,

Thank you very much for what your school provided me with. I do not know much of other Spanish schools in Antigua or elsewhere, but yours was st perfect. Gladys was incredibly patient, sympathetic and knowledgeable, and my only hope that I were at least bearable to be dealt with. Thanks for everything, the room BTW was also very good.

It happened that I forgotten to return room keys to Roberto, and he did not ask for them either. So, I still have them. Do you want me to leave them at the reception desk at the Clarion Hotel for somebody to pick them up, or else? Let me know, please. I will be staying there another night 29/30, and then I am gone for elsewhere.

Thanks again,


Vadim G.

Hi Jorge,

Sorry again for the delay and the inconvenience. Thank you for letting me know that you received the keys.

We had a great time at your school. Your staff was so accomodating, especially Santiago. Our teachers were wonderful. We definitely want to come back. Thank you for everything and hope you and your staff are doing well.


Dear Jorge,

Thank you for a wonderful week at San Jose El Viejo. The castle room was great, I wish I had a view like that every day. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Carla thought that her spanish instructor, Hugo, was great.

Thanks again,


Dear J.,

We have nothing but the highest praise for San Jose El Viejo Spanish School. The school is located in a lush, garden setting, with semi-private teaching areas for each student-teacher combination. It is an ideal to place to escape from other concerns and concentrate on learning Spanish.

The teachers are always willing to adapt to individual needs. If you wish to concentrate on medical vocabulary, let them know this. If you need to break up the class day with walk into the nearby neighborhoods with your teacher, this is easily accommodated.

Most of our students stay with host families arranged through the school and are happy with this situation. However, the school also offers comfortable housing on site that is value-priced. I usually stay in the school housing and am pleased with it.

The school is conveniently located to the main square, restaurants, etc. which means that there are plenty of diversions within walking distance.

If you have other questions, please let me know. Best of luck with your Spanish language pursuits!


Sara E.


Hi! I’ve been wanting to write you since I got back from my wonderful 2 weeks stay at your school!

I have told everyone what a wonderful experience it was and how professionally it was run.

I also told them how beautiful it was!! Also, I couldn’t have had a better teacher!! Sylvia was wonderful and I feel fortunate that I had her. I hope you know how lucky you are to have an employee like her?!!

Thank you for letting me stay in Casita A the first week. I know you didn’t have to do that and I appreciate your generosity!! I hope all is going well with you and the school and your family!! I wish I could have met your wife!!

Take care!!

Nancy P.

p.s. Tell everyone “HI” for me!!

Jorge & Santiago,

I cannot yet say this in Spanish but with your help, I will be able to in time. Thank you for the hospitality and the professionalism of your school. We all three learned a great deal during our two weeks at San Jose el Viejo and we all had a wonderful time. The beauty of your campus in exceeded only by capability of your staff. Ed & Patty learned less than I did but they had their distractions and they are very satisfied with the experience. I wish only that I could have tayed another week or two. Isabel led, helped, cajoled and coerced me into learning a great deal, indeed. She is a well educated and effective teacher and has a charming personality to go along with her skills.

Thanks again and if I can get away for another week or two I will see you soon.

Doug D.

Hi Jorge,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for everything! I was hoping I’d get to run into you before I left, however, I had to leave a day earlier because the flights for Sunday were looking so full :(….

Anyway, thank you so much for your generosity the use of your kitchen, the WONDERFUL upgrade ( I really just loved my room in the middle of all your gardens!! It was so tranquil and beautiful!), your school is just so exquisite and I really hope that I might have the opportunity to return again after the holidays (depending on my job situation :). I really feel like I have learned such a tremendous amount of spanish. I ended up staying with Belton for my four weeks.

I really enjoyed him as as instructor and, if he’s available, will probably request to have him again! He’s one of those people that knows something about everything and our conversations were tremendous! He prepared me so well. When we’d go out at night, my friends relied on me to do most of the talking, when needed, in spanish. And this is due to Belton’s teaching style! Anyway, my experience was just terrific and I love the US (of course) but, in a way, I feel sad to be back :). I even made Guatemalan friends!

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for everything you did and how IMPRESSED I am with your school. I will recommend it to ALL my friends (especiallly the flight attendant ones who can fly for free :)

Just one other thing…. I made friends with this girl Deborah. Is it possible to mail her something through the school’s address. And how long does it take for mail to arrive into Antigua. And does Antigua have a zipcode? I hope you have had such a good holiday this weekend!! And I will talk to you soon!